Monday, February 8, 2010

Best mom Ever.

So, the other day I was sweeping the floor (yeah, so exciting right?). After a few minutes I noticed Nolan (aka baby Rice) sitting very quietly under the table. He was watching the broom very warily. When I tried sweeping beside him he made a little whimpering sound and made the funniest face ever! So of course I thought to myself "that would make the cutest picture ever!!! When I was sweeping the floor the next day (A record for me because honestly I don't sweep everyday. That's just the kind of awesome house wife I am!), I grabbed my camera and instructed my four year old, Clark, to put the broom in front of Nolan's face. I told him to go in even closer with the broom as I fire off pictures. Poor little Nolan is like "why are you doing this to me! Your my Mother!" It's just because I'm the best mom ever!