Friday, February 15, 2013

New site

Wow! Almost a year later. Well I just wanted to update this quick for anyone finding their way over here. I have a new blogsite that has the past years photos on it. This one is retired now.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Yellow and Houndstooth

My niece Olive is one! She is too cute for words! Olive knows how much her auntie Chelsey loves houndstooth, so she brought her stylish coat to model just for me.

 aIMG_5422 oIMG_5329 oIMG_5331  oIMG_5438   oIMG_5457 oIMG_5466oIMG_5465  oIMG_5482

Sweet little baby

This little girl was three weeks when I came to take her pictures. She was happy the whole time. And that sweet little face! I think it’s time for me to have another baby… okay jokes! Does my husband read this blog??

 aIMG_4919 aIMG_4923 aIMG_5012   aIMG_5109 aIMG_5048aIMG_5028    aIMG_5132 aIMG_5146aIMG_5158   aIMG_5213 aIMG_5226 aIMG_5235 aIMG_5283

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday to my math loving, book loving, Angry Birds loving, beautiful 6 year old boy!43IMG_0736 46IMG_0722 49IMG_0712 51IMG_0702 53IMG_0693

 4IMG_0649-2    7IMG_0620-2 8IMG_0617-2

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Tyler and Maddy

Here are some pictures from my brother’s wedding day. I wrote a little sentimental paragraph with the engagement photo’s, so I won’t get all mushy here ;) You can see their engagement photo’s in this post. I am so happy that Maddy is part of our family now! I have never seen a couple more perfect for each other. For serious people! (Tyler is going to think that is really corny. Too bad Tyler! I wrote it anyways!)


mtIMG_3021 - Copy mtIMG_3027 - CopymtIMG_3023 - Copy  mtIMG_3030 - Copy mtIMG_3032 - Copy    mtIMG_3109

        mtIMG_3080 - Copy mtIMG_3105 - Copy

mtIMG_3100 - Copy   mtIMG_3116 - Copy mtIMG_3150 - Copy   mtIMG_3201 - Copy mtbwIMG_3242mtIMG_3244 - CopymtIMG_3250 - Copy 


mtIMG_0003 mtIMG_0005mtIMG_0323mtIMG_9982  mtIMG_0037  mtIMG_0110  mtIMG_0272 mtIMG_0297 mtIMG_0312