Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Tyler and Maddy

Here are some pictures from my brother’s wedding day. I wrote a little sentimental paragraph with the engagement photo’s, so I won’t get all mushy here ;) You can see their engagement photo’s in this post. I am so happy that Maddy is part of our family now! I have never seen a couple more perfect for each other. For serious people! (Tyler is going to think that is really corny. Too bad Tyler! I wrote it anyways!)


mtIMG_3021 - Copy mtIMG_3027 - CopymtIMG_3023 - Copy  mtIMG_3030 - Copy mtIMG_3032 - Copy    mtIMG_3109

        mtIMG_3080 - Copy mtIMG_3105 - Copy

mtIMG_3100 - Copy   mtIMG_3116 - Copy mtIMG_3150 - Copy   mtIMG_3201 - Copy mtbwIMG_3242mtIMG_3244 - CopymtIMG_3250 - Copy 


mtIMG_0003 mtIMG_0005mtIMG_0323mtIMG_9982  mtIMG_0037  mtIMG_0110  mtIMG_0272 mtIMG_0297 mtIMG_0312


Jayson said...

Beautiful work, Chelsey! Congrats to your brothers & new sister!