Thursday, November 24, 2011

Cookie Monster Cheerio's

As we started the shoot, Diana told me she didn’t care if her daughter’s bag of marshmallows were in the pictures. That’s how she wanted to remember her daughter, exactly the way she is. At this point I wanted to hug Diana and run around the park singing. This is the photography I love and am passionate about. That is what Lifestyle photography is, it’s all about who you are, it doesn’t have to be perfect. And I also added in a little Cookie Monster container of cheerio's… not sure if MY container adds specialness to the pictures or not ;)



mIMG_9483 mIMG_9509   mIMG_9573

mIMG_9413 mIMG_9422  


These two pictures kill me! Her big sister is throwing leaves on her head.

    mIMG_9676 mIMG_9677     mIMG_9807     mIMG_9760   mIMG_9763 mIMG_9750 mIMG_9812mIMG_9928 mIMG_9879 mIMG_9881


Nikole said...

Yes! I completely agree that it is best to remember them exactly as they were - marshmallow lovers :) Beautiful photos of 2 beautiful girls!