Monday, August 29, 2011

Back in the day…

Remember last fall when I was trying to sell our house and I was a sickly pregnant woman? Well I neglected some of my posts. I did post a few from this wedding but I wanted to post more. This was a particularly special wedding. Cassandra (the bride) and I went to college together at Grant Mac Ewan.  She also works at the hospital where I had my youngest two babies. Luckily she wasn’t my nurse though, because she would have seen me in an embarrassing state of yelling and cursing when I had Benton.

Cassandra and Sean are seriously one of the most caring and sweetest couple I have ever met! They had a beautiful fall wedding in St. Paul. And my hunky husband even got to tag along as my second shooter.

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Nikole said...

These photos are beyond gorgeous! What a beautiful couple! They look so happy together :)