Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Elresa and Mike

What a beautiful wedding. Elresa looked so gorgeous, and her dress was perfect on her. Mike and Elresa are such a sweet couple and I won't deny tearing up when Mike gave his speech to Elresa and sang a song that he wrote for her. A special thanks to Nikole Bordato for helping me out!

                            13wElresa&Mike 536 


  14Elresa&Mike 534 17Elresa&Mike 530

                    22wElresa&Mike 522


                                     38wElresa&Mike 577 


                                      55Elresa&Mike 684  

163Elresa&Mike 735168wElresa&Mike 723


                                                           190wElresa&Mike 842 


                                                                203Elresa&Mike 927 

                                                                 286Elresa&mike 1394

                                      211Elresa&Mike 986    


                                                              212Elresa&Mike 1043



                                                              218Elresa&Mike 1024 

                       221wElresa&Mike 1022

      307Elresa&Mike 1072 306Elresa&Mike 1067





                  313wElresa&Mike 1153